Working Time Agreement Scotland

It should be possible for teachers to work individually and collectively within the 35-hour week. Once the negotiations are finalized, they will be signed as agreed by the representative and the director. The agreement is now binding on all employees. Teachers` working hours and tasks are negotiated at national level and are part of the agreed conditions of employment for teachers (SNCT Part 2 Annex 2.7) Each educational institution prepares an annual programme of activities which requires the participation of teachers. The use of the remaining time (i.e. the time beyond the combined class contact and the preparation/correction allocation – approx. 190 hours) is subject to the agreement at the school level and should include a range of activities, such as: It is assumed that some college time has already been spent on planning, preparation and additional meetings, so it would make sense to settle the remaining time proportionately. Trade unions are advised for a maximum of 5 hours per week; A working time agreement (WTA) is a collective agreement concluded at school level between the trade union(s) and the director. For most teachers, preparation and correction are the most time-consuming activities outside of classroom contact time. This must be reflected in how a teacher`s working time is used.

As for the remaining time, teachers will be available for meetings and other group activities during the 35-hour week. If a teacher is assigned to certain tasks, e.B. Preparation and correction, which is not necessary on the school grounds, can be carried out at the time and place of one`s choice. Teachers are required to inform the responsible supervisor of their intentions in this regard. Year of work and working week (SNCT Part 2 Section 3) Each educational institution shall draw up a school plan in accordance with the standard of the Scottish Schools Act 2000, etc. The plan will reflect the institution`s priorities, local and national conditions. The plans take into account the person and other resources required. The WTA should support school renewal planning, the majority of which are currently on H&S, HWB, teaching and (digital) learning, although monitoring and surveillance require careful planning (see note below); Individual teachers will apply their professional judgment regarding assignment prioritization. In exercising their professional judgment, teachers must take into account the objectives set at the school, local and national levels.

As always, the Los Angeles office will be happy to help and advise you. The WTA is an important tool to help schools agree on priorities and manage workload in a collegial manner, which means that everyone must have a say and take responsibility to be effective. Please also note the requirement for 3 hours of equality training. Everything you need to know about the organisation of working time can be found in the following document. Each Local Teachers` Bargaining Committee (LNCT) will advise schools in your area on the aratization of a WTA. The WTA for 2020-21 is very different from previous years and is an attempt to allow schools to plan for the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the ongoing response to the coronavirus crisis. When it was sent to the directors, the CEC pointed out that:. .

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