What Is An Agreement Code

[28] Of course, the contract interruption will terminate the contract, but the most important question is whether there is a continuation of the agreement under the Code despite the exercise of the breach of contract. [23] For the purposes of the Code, a “code agreement” is an agreement to which Part 5 of the Code applies: subsection 29(5) of the Code. “. in the light of Article 30(1)(b), the surrender only seems to speed up the determination of the duration of the contract. It appears that the website provider must continue to provide a termination of the code agreement in accordance with paragraph 31. On the other hand, paragraph 30 continues the agreement only if “under the terms of the contract, the right can no longer be exercised or if the provider of the website is no longer bound by it, or if the provider of the website can terminate the contract of the code to the extent that it relates to this right” (Article 30, paragraph 1(b)).

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