Reverse Services Agreement

The use of YouTube is based on our interest in presenting our online content in an attractive way. In accordance with Article 6(1)(f) GDPR, we have a legitimate interest. If appropriate consent has been requested, the processing is carried out exclusively on the basis of Article 6(1)(a) GDPR; consent may be revoked at any time. We offer website visitors the opportunity to submit applications to us (e.g.B. by e-mail, post or by sending the online application form). We inform you below about the scope, purpose and use of the personal data you collect as part of the application process. We assure you that the collection, processing and use of your data is carried out in compliance with applicable data protection rights and all other legal provisions and that your data is always strictly confidential. In the event of the application of the tax reversal, the recipient of the goods or services, in his VAT return, makes both his purchase (input VAT) and the sale of the supplier (basic turnover tax). In this way, from the point of view of cash payment, both entries cancel out in the same return. From the point of view of the authorities, they may see the notified transaction in the specific boxes indicated in the declarations relating to cross-border supplies of goods or services. TSA versus outsourcing agreementsSowohl TSA and subcontracting typically involve one party providing the other with services that may be essential to the operation of the licensee`s business.

However, one of the main differences with regard to ASAs is that the seller (as a service provider) is generally not in the sector of providing these services. In addition, the seller`s IT organization may lack discipline and business processes. Similarly, the level of adjustment of the service under a TSA is generally more limited than in an outsourcing contract, especially when the seller uses the same systems to serve the buyer and the activity retained by the seller. For these reasons, the Seller may not be willing to commit to providing the TSA Services in the same way that it provides similar services to itself.. . . .

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