Doj Interchange Agreement

An exchange agreement allows current federal employees of the excluded service to apply for transportation positions in the competition department. (a) in accordance with point 5 CFR 6.7, OPM and any agency with a staff system essentially equivalent to the executive senior service (SES) may enter into a passenger transport agreement between the SES and the other system in accordance with the laws and regulations authorities. The agreement defines the status and mandate of the persons concerned at the time of the transfer. Forty-five federal agencies have duplicate contracts with the Census Bureau. The list is available on the Census recruitment site in the “Special Circumstances for Candidates” section. Employees must first obtain permission from their managers and then complete the online application. The only qualifications that all candidates must complete are that they are at least 18 years old, are U.S. citizens, and pass a substantive exam. (c) an exchange agreement may be suspended by any party under the conditions laid down in the agreement.

The Census Bureau said that if federal employees believe their agency has a dual employment contract, but it`s not on the list, they should still apply online. “While your application status is likely displayed as `unauthorized,` your status will be updated once your agency`s agreement is activated in our application system,” the site reads. “Assuming there are no other reasons why you are not qualified, your status changes to be available for rent.” Census Bureau Director Steven Dillingham, a blue-jacketed midfielder, climbs behind Dennis Kashatok when they arrive to make the first enumeration of the 2020 census on Jan. 21 in Toksook Bay, Alaska. Gregory Bull/AP The Office of Personnel Management on Thursday issued guidelines to eliminate confusion for federal employees hoping to work for the 2020 census. Application requirements and associated information are provided on each vacancy notice or public procurement notice. Specific information about job vacancies is available by phone and/or on the site (possibility of college students only by phone): The U.S. Census Bureau represents about 25,000 applications per day, as it aims to hire up to 500,000 temporary workers nationwide for the census already underway. . . .

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