Vsnu Open Access Agreements

The corresponding Dutch authors receive a considerable discount. In 2016, they will be able to publish their article for 200GBP/375USD in Open Access in other SAGE journals. Do you want to take advantage of this discount? Please send a standard license form to the magazine`s publisher after your publication has been accepted if you inform it that you would like to publish in Open Access- SAGE Choice. You will receive the SAGE Choice OA license. To qualify for this discount, you must enter the “UKB90” code in the SAGE Choice form. Open Access: These are not just VSNU eZine magazine articles at Open Access: The Importance of “International Vocation” Although VSNU has publishing and reading agreements with a number of publishers, not all of them are 100% open. Thus, under the consortium`s current contract with Elsevier, only 30 per cent of Dutch articles are made available in a subset of the publisher`s magazines (396 out of more than 2,000). For more information on the restrictions and how to exchange your VSNU offer, please follow this link and find the SAGE: www.openaccess.nl/en/in-the-netherlands/publisher-deals section. Dutch students can publish open access as a corresponding author in 150 selected journals. You will be automatically informed by SAGE based on your email.

The university`s domain name must be included in the email. The press release contains an open access license form. After receiving a completed form, the article with a CC.BY.3.0 license is published in SAGE. Half of the articles from Dutch universities reviewed by experts are available in Open Access (29-10-2018) VSNU has created a fourth eZine on Open Access. The eZine “Open access – International Alignment” looks at the progress of the Open Access 2018-2020 roadmap. In negotiations, for example, the conditions for entering into contracts with publishers will be taken into account. The observation also identifies the main differences in publishing cultures in different scientific fields. Developments for the future are discussed as part of a series of key trends that help illustrate the scenarios for the years to come.

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