Throughput Agreement En Francais

In 2004, the US Secretary of Energy signed an agreement with the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) to access the experimental Phoenix fast neutron reactor for nuclear fuel research. The U.S. Department of Energy has recognized that this fast neutron “no longer exists in the United States.” American research used spent fuel phoenix, which was loaded with different actinides under constant conditions to determine what type of fuel might be best for future waste transmutation systems. launch: launch launch: launch launch: launch lift: raise lever: raise link with, in: link with, digital link digital layoffs for economic reasons: related to link: managerial line link: syndicated line management line: Borders syndicated credit facility: liquidity border: liquid assetsrable livs: deliveries / billing: Delivery / Delivery delivery delivery delivery: delivery software software: logistics, logistics Supply Chain Management rent: rent house mother: Mother company : Enterprise / Product / Shareholder of Euuvre (MOE): Owner of the project ma`trise d`oeuvre: Commercial property ma`trise d`euuvre: Ownership of the user manual project: Operator guide mature market: domestic market: domestic market consumer market: mass / market of the consumer market carrier market: high-growth market very competitive market: highly competitive market margin : operating margin flexibility: Margin, Operating Margin report, EBITDA / REVENUE: EBITDA Margin Brand: branding strong branding brand: strong brand payroll material (adj.): significant maturity: maturity best of the class: best practices lead: execution, blei mensualized: on a monthly basis: monthly spending menu: small amount of money measure / corrective action: action abolished core businesses square meters: square meters update: update: update: pool endanger: jeopardize: highlight online, to set up: set in place implement: implement: set up in mid-January: mid-January update: update, update, update set-up: Establishment put into service: Establishment put into service : turn-on service in: Mission execution: Mission: Mission, assignments: model work sheet arrangements: Work table change model: modification, modification, modification, current change: current month order amount: order amount total amount: total amount in debit: upgrade in password debit: low average password: low average industry average high: average average industry: average average: average average payment resources: multinational payment means: multinational mutual sharing funds: Mutual fund In June 2010, the AEC signed an important framework agreement with Rosatom on “the nuclear development strategy” nuclear fuel cycle, the development of next-generation reactors, future gas cooling reactor systems , the safety and security of nuclear materials, prevention and emergency measures.” Much of the cooperation will focus on reprocessing and waste, including sodium-cooled fast reactors.

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