Accreditation Agreement Sample

In the event of disputes or issues relating to the interpretation and enforcement of accreditation, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Madrid courts. In the absence of exturing circumstances (as defined in section, a domain name must be removed within 45 days of the termination of a registration contract by the registrar or registrant. The Registrar informs each new declarant of details of its automatic erasure and renewal policy, including the expected deletion date of an unre renewed domain name from the domain expiry date, or a ten-day period. When a registrar makes substantial changes to its cancellation policy during the duration of the registration contract, he must at least make the same effort to inform the registrant of the changes that he would inform the registrant of any substantial changes to the registration agreement (as defined in point 3.7.7 of the registration agreement). Provide up-to-date documents indicating that the registration unit is legally established and reputable. For proof of the establishment, you provide the company`s charter documents or other equivalent documents (z.B. membership agreement). If the clerk is a state agency or organization, you submit a certified copy of the status, government decision or any other instrument under which the authority or government agency is established. A sworn statement, written and signed by a notary or legal lawyer duly qualified in the courts of the clerk`s jurisdiction, must be submitted and signed by a notary or lawyer with jurisdiction in law, duly qualified in the courts of the clerk`s jurisdiction, and declaring that the organization is established and reputable. The accreditation agreement concluded by the Cervantes Institute with the institutions, The Registrar`s access contract must require the third party to consent to the sale or transmission of the data, unless it has been included by the third party in a value-added product or value-added service that does not authorize the extraction of a substantial portion of the bulk data of the value-added product or value-added service for use by others. parties.

1.24 A “reseller” is a natural establishment or establishment: who participates in the Registrar`s distribution channel for domain name registrations (a) in accordance with an agreement, agreement or agreement with the Registrar, or b) with the actual knowledge of the Registrar, provides some or all of the Registrar`s services, including the collection of registration data relating to registered name holders , transmitting this data to the Registrar or facilitating the registration of the registration agreement between the filer and the registered name holder. 3.21 Registrars` obligations related to registrars. In the event that the Registrar is linked to a registry operator or a back-end registration operator (a “related relationship”) for the duration of the agreement, the Registrar must comply with all ICANN specifications and policies that may be developed from time to time in relation to such related relationships, and ICANN within 30 days of the date of the event that gave rise to the affiliate relationship (z.B . , an acquisition or other transaction or the execution of an agreement leading to such a relationship.

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